Our Company

Pat Kelson Associates

Who We Are

This is PKA, a fully certified section 8 inspection company. We specialize in many different types of inspections,  including Section 8 Housing Quality Standards, Quality Control, UPCS and Project Based Inspections.  With over 30 years of experience, we offer the most comprehensive packages at the lowest prices.


In 1978 Pat Kelson, who previously had been a fee inspector for HUD and CHFA, began conducting Section 8 and Public Housing inspections for area Housing Authorities.

In 1988, Donna Kelson became president and CEO of Pat Kelson Associates, Inc.

The agency has since grown but continues to keep the high standards established by Pat.  Inspectors are all trained in HQS and local codes.  The agency continues to work closely with local code enforcement agencies and health departments throughout the state.

Pat Kelson Associates has extensive experience inspecting rental properties for Public Housing Authorities throughout New England, and can offer your agency:


  • A cost saving alternative to in-house inspections. We will be happy to review your current inspection system – free of charge – and provide you with a proposal for doing all or part of the job.
  • Quick, accurate and thorough reporting. Pat Kelson Associates has modified their computer programs and reports to meet the individualized needs of the various Housing Authorities they work for.


  • Professionally trained and certified inspectors thoroughly trained in Housing Quality Standards and housing codes
  • Staff trained to communicate effectively, yet sensitively with both landlords and tenants. All work is kept completely confidential.